autumn house


Multisensory Resident-Centered Program



The purpose of our multi-sensory program is to provide opportunities for our residents to be fully engaged and connected in their lives and to those around them.

Autumn House residents are engaged with programming that meets their individual needs. This programming is designed for the “success” of the resident and provides smooth transitions from one program to the next based on their needs.

Our multi-sensory approach programming was developed because individuals are oriented to their world through the six senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, and movement. We identify the senses to which each individual resident responds and then incorporate them into their daily program of activity and engagement. We use many different approaches to engage and bring joy to our residents. These include pet therapy, music therapy, massage therapy, aromatherapy, exercise and movement and visual stimulation using colors and lighting. Our program uses a holistic approach designed to engage and connect with the mind, body, and spirit of our residents.

Programming supports successful engagement as residents participate in past leisure activities, outings, artistic expression, purposeful creation, family household tasks, and even holiday preparation and planning.

Resident-centered, not task-oriented.

We know our residents. We prioritize the personal information as much as the clinical data. We want to know the person, not just the disease and symptoms.

The biographies that we prepare on new residents are an important, basic tool of the Resident Centered program. They give great insight to all as to whom the resident is and was.

With these “life bio’s” we can create a unique and specific plan of care that will continue to support the values and personal philosophy of each resident. As we learn more, we continue to evolve and develop plans as individualized as the person.